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South East Energy Agency’s inaugural annual report highlights our significant achievements over the past year in advancing sustainable energy practices and supporting the shift towards a low-carbon future.

As the global community continues to confront the impacts of climate change, the imperative for renewable energy solutions and sustainable practices has never been greater. At the South East Energy Agency, we are committed to spearheading sustainable energy practices in the South East region of Ireland by providing expert guidance, support, and resources to individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in embracing sustainable energy practices.

Over the past year, we have executed a wide range of initiatives and partnerships, working tirelessly to fulfill our mission. We have carried out extensive public education and outreach, sharing the benefits of renewable energy and collaborating with local governments and businesses to devise and enforce sustainable energy policies and practices.

Despite our achievements this year, we realize that there is still a lot more work to be done. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to our mission and will continue our efforts to create a more sustainable and fair energy future for everyone.

Read the report below

South East Energy Agency Annual Report 2022