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Implementing the Energy Efficiency First Principle in Regional Planning

REGIO1ST raises awareness about the Energy Efficiency First principle (EE1st) among regional governments and their agencies and supports them to make related decisions in their planning. It does so through the provision of appropriate guidance to regional authorities to embed the EE1st principle in their decisions and in the implementation of their energy plans departing from six participant regions and expanding to over 100 regions in the EU. It establishes a community of practice for EE1st in cooperation with the Covenant of Mayors to ensure political commitment of regional authorities and strengthens the enforcement of the Multilevel Climate and Energy Dialogue provision, with particular focus on ownership and acceptance of the principle from stakeholders at all levels.

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REGIO1ST Project Objectives

  • Provide decision-support for regional authorities to apply the EE1st principle in their energy-related planning practices
  • Establish a community of practice for EE1st to ensure political commitment and societal acceptance through co-development of energy related scenarios
  • Support the introduction or strengthening of EE1st in the revision of National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP), Regional Operational Programs and foster the enforcement of the Multilevel Climate and Energy Dialogue provision

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Project Information

Funding program: LIFE Clean Energy Transition
Duration: 2022 to 2025
Coordinator: Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP)
Funding: Total Eligible Budget: €1,835,312 / EU Contribution: €1,743,541