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Public Sector

Public Sector Energy Obligations

The Local Authority & Water Services Sector in Ireland accounts for approximately 23% of the primary energy use in the public sector as reported by SEAI. The National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) sets out several obligations on public bodies to lead the way in relation to energy efficiency, stating ‘The public sector will improve its energy efficiency by 33% by 2020 and will be seen to lead by example — showing all sectors what is possible through strong, committed action’. Following on from this in June 2019 the Government announced the Climate Action Plan 2019 “To Tackle Climate Breakdown”. The action plan sets out a number of actions for the public sector.

Public Sector Leading by Example, to meet the required level of emissions, by 2030 we will:

  • Reduce CO² equivalent from the sector by 30%
  • Improve the energy efficiency of public sector buildings by 50%
  • Set a target to demonstrate leadership in the adoption of low emission transport options
  • Have a Climate Mandate adopted by every Public Body, making the sector a catalyst for climate action
  • Agree a Climate Action Charter with Local Authorities
  • All Public Buildings to reach BER ‘B’ Rating

Social Housing Climate Plan Actions

  • Action 64: Introduce minimum BER standards in the Local Authority social housing stock as part of retrofit works being carried out on older stock or refurbishment of vacant dwellings
  • Action 65: Develop and establish a climate-action toolkit and audit framework for Local Authority development planning to drive the adoption of stronger climate action policies in relation to the patterns and forms of future development
  • Action 66: Roadmap to develop a supply chain to support the phase out of fossil fuel boilers in new dwellings

With the support of South East Energy Agency, some of our partners have reached their 2020 33% energy reduction target. The council’s have achieved this by implementing energy efficiency projects across all the services that they provide Library Service, Fire Service, Public Lighting, Roads and Corporate Buildings, reducing energy by installing LED lighting, fabric insulation upgrades, heating systems and controls and renewable energy.

Low Energy Lighting


energy efficiency improvement by 2020

Capital Investment Spend With South East Energy Agency Ireland


 energy efficiency improvement by 2030

Reduced Carbon Emissions South East Energy Agency


reduction in carbon emissions by 2030

How can we help?

Local authorities and public sector organisations are eligible for grant funding of up to 35% towards energy efficiency upgrades.

South East Energy Agency can project manage the entire works through the BEC pipeline – from initial application to final sign-off. Enquire more information today and include a short description of the project you have in mind.

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Public Sector Case Studies

Carlow County Council Upgrade Of Lighting System By Replacing The Existing Quad By Led Fitting And By The Installation Of Occupancy Sensor
Carlow County Council Assembly Rooms
Kilkenny County Council Led Street Lighting
Kilkenny County Council