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Energy Audits

Measure it to manage it – from domestic to large business energy user, we carry out a comprehensive assessment of your home or business energy use. Our energy audit will provide a detailed report with recommendations to improve the comfort and energy use in your buildings and facilities and how to understand your energy consumption and bring it up to current standards. One of the first steps for any energy user in adopting a more sustainable approach to energy is carrying out an energy audit.

South East Energy Agency are committed to promoting sustainable energy practices, we aim to provide individuals, businesses, and organisations with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and bring their facilities up to current or better standards.

Below you will see the different types of energy audits we provide to homeowners, businesses, and communities across the South East.

By assessing and analysing energy usage, energy audits enable you to identify opportunities for energy savings, carbon reduction, and financial optimisation. Whether you are a homeowner seeking to cut energy bills, a business owner looking to enhance operational efficiency, or an organisation striving to meet sustainability goals, understanding the various types of energy audits available is essential.

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Energy Audit

Your Step by Step Energy Audit Journey

Capital Investment Spend With South East Energy Agency Ireland

A cost proposal is issued for signing

South East Energy Agency Irelandpeople Centred And Evidence Based

Data request issued for energy bills and plans

South East Energy Agency Energy Transition Working In Partnership

Energy auditor will call to arrange a site visit

Deep Energy Retro Fit With South East Energy Agency Ireland

We visit your facility / home looking at building fabric, heating & electrical systems

South East Energy Agency Ireland Independent And Working In Partnership

After the site visit we will complete the analysis and develop an energy audit report

Energy Auditing And Assesment South East Energy Agency Ireland

We provide a comprehensive energy audit report with recommendations to save energy

Type 1 – Basic walk-through energy audit

A Type 1 energy audit is a basic assessment of the energy performance of a building or facility, tailored to address a specific upgrade or project. Unlike a comprehensive audit, in-depth on-site data collection is limited to gathering specific information relevant to the targeted upgrade. This type of audit is particularly useful when a community or small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) has a project in mind that requires further information to focus on a specific area, such as a lighting upgrade or a heating system upgrade.

Seai Support Scheme For Energy Audits
Type 2 – General energy audit

A Type 2 energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of a building’s energy performance, evaluating the building/site and identifying potential energy-saving measures through detailed information collection, interviews with facilities managers, and the analysis of energy profiles created through bill analysis. It involves a thorough examination of energy-consuming systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, insulation, and appliances. The audit is conducted by qualified energy auditors and aims to provide actionable recommendations for improving energy efficiency.

Energy Assesment And Auditing
Type 3 – Investment grade & SI 426 of 2014 ISO standard energy audit

A Type 3 energy audit, also known as an investment-grade audit, is a thorough assessment that aims to identify all potential energy savings measures and conduct a comprehensive life cycle cost analysis for each measure. This type of audit is particularly suitable for larger facilities and cases where a detailed cost-benefit analysis is necessary.

Cost Of Si 426 2014 Energy Audit
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"The Energy Audit was very good and provided us with a detailed report of our energy use. Our main motivation was to identify the potential cost savings to our business, the energy audit identified key areas to address to make the biggest impact. As a result of our energy audit, we are in the process of installing new air handling units which will greatly reduce our energy usage and costs."


"The Energy Audit was a smooth process and has provided key information about our energy usage and options for cost reductions. Our motivation for conducting an energy audit was two fold, firstly to reduce the costs associated with our high energy use and secondly to do our bit for reducing our carbon emissions and our environmental impact. The energy audit helped identify several areas we are planning to address in the near future. We have plans to install a heat recovery system from our manufacturing operations to help heat our office and canteen areas. Our Business now has a better understanding of where our energy is being used and a clear plan to implement energy efficiency upgrades."

BNS Machining

Is your business eligible for a €2,000 voucher towards the cost of a high quality energy audit?

Our registered auditors on the SEAI Support Scheme for Energy Audits panel.

SEAI Support Scheme for SME Energy Audits (SSEA)

SEAI recently launched a support scheme for Energy Audits for SMEs registered in Ireland with an annual energy spend of at least €10,000.  The energy audit will assess how and where you use energy in your organisation and will identify areas where energy is wasted and where efficiency can be improved. The energy audit will review electricity, gas, oil, diesel and other energy sources used at your facility.

How the Support Scheme for Energy Audits works?

The SEAI Support Scheme for Energy Audits (SSEA) offers financial support of €2,000 for SMEs towards the cost of an energy audit. SEAI will provide you with a €2,000 voucher and you select an energy audit from the list of Registered Energy Auditors. The approval process is quick and easy. In most cases, the financial support provided will cover the entire cost of the energy audit. Learn more +

How to avail of the Support Scheme?

  1. Select an energy auditor from the list of Registered Energy Auditors or contact our Registered Energy Auditor Alexandra Hamilton directly on When you contact South East Energy Agency, we will ask for a few key details about your business and will email you the cost of the audit.
  2. Register with your name and contact details and complete the online form on SEAI website.
  3. The voucher, containing your Application Number, is issued to you automatically by email
  4. Schedule the audit with your auditor
  5. The audit takes place
  6. Your auditor issues the report to you and claims payment from SEAI

Application Guidelines +

Eligibility for the Support Scheme for Energy Audits

  1. Your business or organisation is not an obligated entity
  2. You are spending at least €10,000 per annum on energy (excluding transport costs) at the Facility
  3. Your business or organisation is tax compliant, registered in the Republic of Ireland and has a valid
    CRO number
  4. You will not exceed the De Minimis State Aid* threshold upon receipt of the voucher
  5. There is a limit of 1 audit voucher per Applicant organisation

If you’re unsure whether or not your company is an SME or an obligated party, please review the guidelines here.

How can South East Energy Agency help?

South East Energy Agency are registered auditors on the SEAI Support Scheme for Energy Audits panel. An energy audit is an important first step for organisations to identify issues around energy usage and waste. It provides a clear understanding on energy consumption and highlights viable energy saving opportunities.

  • Prior to the sit visit the Auditor will confirm what information is required for the pre-analysis, for example
    • 12 months’ worth of energy bills
    • a list of energy using equipment
    • a site plan (for large sites)
    • copy of any previous energy audits if applicable
  • Contact our Certified Energy Auditor Alexandra to arrange a site visit or fill out the above contact form.
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Seai Sme Energy Audit Support Scheme

Benefits of using South East Energy Agency as your company for energy audits

  • We have carried out 1000+ professional energy audits across all sectors in the southeast and beyond.
  • We offer SI 426 / 2014 audits to reach compliance for obligated entities and large energy users as part of the mandatory Energy Assessment Scheme.
  • Certified and experienced energy auditors – our auditors are registered and recognised in the Irish Register of Energy Auditors.
  • Bespoke Energy Audits are carried out by our highly-skilled energy engineers who have built up expert knowledge delivering quality energy audits across all sectors.
  • Expertise – we have a team of energy experts, consultants, data analysts, scientists, engineers, business and finance specialists.
  • Friendly and professional service – we make sure every customer has a great experience with us. We provide advice on new grant schemes and funding programmes for your energy saving project.
  • Partnership Approach – we collaborate closely with you to deliver a detailer report including an action plan and recommendations to improve energy efficiency and recommendations to reduce business costs.