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South East Energy Agency

Kilkenny Research & Innovation Centre,
Burrell’s Hall,
St Kieran’s College,
R95 TP64

T: +353 (0)56 7790856
F: +353 (0)56 7752333

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Community Energy Grant FAQs

What are your general charges/fees?

  • €300 application fee to be included on the Grant application
  • Project Coordination fee – 5% of capital costs (ex VAT). This is grant aided at the same rate as the works.
  • Project management fee – 7.5% of capital costs (ex VAT). This is grant aided at the same rate as the works.


Capital costs = €50,000

Project coordination fee = €2,500                            Project Management Fee = €3,750

Grant back (@30%) = €750                                         Grant Back (@30%) = €1,125

How long does it take to get paid back by SEAI?

This will depend on the time the payment claim was made. The earlier the payment claim the faster SEAI will pay out. In general, payment from SEAI can take 2 to 3 months. This payment is made to the Local Authority. In general, it can take a further 3 weeks for payment from the Local Authority to be made.

What % of grants am I eligible for?

  • 30% for everyone
  • Some non-commercial community groups may get 50%*
  • Schools, churches, charities and non-profits may get 50%*

*We submit to SEAI details of the group prior to the application and they will confirm whether 50% criteria is met.

Do you cover projects outside the 4 Counties?

Yes we do. You can also visit SEAI’s website for other Project Coordinators

Can a group of business, e.g. coffee shops, apply as a "community"

Yes, a community is a Partnership coming together to support with projects. But they will still need to go through the project coordinator to apply for the grant. Please contact us directly for more information on this specific query.

How much does an energy audit cost?

The cost of a basic energy audit that will be required for grant applications are in the range of €1200 – €1800, depending on the size and location of the building.
Click here for more info on audits

What if I want extra works done as part of my upgrade?

South East Energy Agency only coordinate the energy element of the upgrade works. If you wish to get extra work done, you will need to agree this with the contractor separately.

Other FAQs

Who can help me apply for Warmer homes scheme grants

Your local TD’s secretary may be able to help you complete an application.

Can you receive grant funding up front for SEAI single measure grants?

No, works must to be finished before grant funding can be received. Local Credit Unions can assist with green loans to bridge funding.