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Home Energy Upgrade

Most people living in old, cold houses want to live in cosier homes but don’t know where to start! We provide homeowners with a bespoke upgrade plan so they can achieve a warmer and more comfortable home.

Your One Stop Shop Home Energy Upgrade Journey

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Capital Investment Spend With South East Energy Agency Ireland

We visit your home and develop an energy assessment and report

Energy Saving With South East Energy Agency Ireland

We provide a plan with estimated costs to reach B2 BER

We Procure Qualified Contractors And Project Manage The Works

We procure qualified contractors and project manage the works from start to finish

South East Energy Agency Irelandpeople Centred And Evidence Based

Once contracts are signed work can begin

Deep Energy Retro Fit With South East Energy Agency Ireland

We ensure you get a B2 quality home

How to get started on your home energy upgrade

Our One Stop Shop Home Energy Upgrade service is suitable for you if:

  • You want to complete upgrade works with a contractor of choice who is not SEAI registered
    • Note your contractor/installer needs to be registered with SEAI for EWI/CWI/heat pump sign off.
  • Approved Housing Bodies and Housing Associations
  • Your house is fuel poor

Before contacting us, please follow this brief checklist:

  • Make sure your home is within our region (South Leinster and East Munster)
  • Multiple energy upgrades are required
  • Please read our requirements, 3 Stage delivery process and associated fees
  • Please note that grant funding is offered through the SEAI
  • If your home doesn’t qualify, please learn more here

What is a home energy upgrade?

A home energy upgrade project increases the energy rating in a home through the implementation of multiple measures.  These measures can include upgrading of insulation, installing ventilation systems, replacement of windows or doors, and the use of renewable technologies such as solar panels and heat pumps. A combination of energy upgrade measures will provide a better energy rating for your home. The better the energy rating, the warmer and more comfortable your home will be.

Which energy upgrades are covered?

Multiple energy upgrades are recommended (3-5 measures) to gain a warmer home. Some of these works typically include:

  • Attic, internal or external insulation.
  • Heating system upgrade.
  • PV solar panels for electricity.
  • A heat pump to replace oil or gas.
  • Window and door replacement.
  • Demand Control Ventilation or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.
  • Certified Wood Burning Stoves.

If you only require 1 or 2 energy upgrades, please visit the SEAI website for an alternative grant funding scheme.

Why undergo a home energy upgrade?

  • You will gain a warmer, healthier and more comfortable home
  • An energy upgrade will improve your home’s energy rating
  • A low carbon home is better for the environment
  • An improved energy rating means cheaper heating and lighting bills

What area does South East Energy Agency work in?

We cover the South East region and surrounding areas.

If you are outside of this general area, please visit the SEAI website to find a project coordinator who operates near you.

Why choose South East Energy Agency?

  • Over 10 Years Experience of Coordinating Projects
  • Expert Advice for Home Energy Upgrades
  • Our Team Will Look After The Grant Funding Paperwork
  • Quality Assessment of Contractors
  • Procurement of Contractors
  • Management of Contractor Deadlines
  • ‘One Stop Shop’ for Your Home Improvement Journey
  • Sign Off & Grant Draw Downs

Our One Stop Shop – 3 Stage Process

Homeowner Journey (1)

How can we help?

South East Energy Agency has over 10  years’ experience in coordinating energy upgrade projects for homeowners. That ensures a quality energy upgrade focus for our clients. We have helped complete energy upgrades on more than 2,500 houses as well as 500 deep retrofits since 2012.

We will project manage the entire process for clients – from your initial application right through to completion and sign-off.

Requirements to note before applying

  • South East Energy Agency is not a SEAI registered One Stop Shop
  • Please note that all homes require a pre- and post-works Building Energy Rating (BER) to be completed and published.
  • Home was built and occupied before 2011 for insulation and heating controls.
  • Home was built and occupied before 2011 for renewable systems grants.
  • Home has an existing BER of B3 or lower and must achieve a minimum rating of B2 on work completion, with a 100kWh/m2/year or better improvement on the BER primary energy value.
  • Home has not previously received grants for the same home energy upgrades.
  • Fossil fuel boilers are not supported in any way by this scheme and their installation is actively discouraged by SEAI.
  • SEAI reserve the right to conduct 100% pre works inspection of all domestic sites in advance of any contract award.
  • Public bodies must comply with public procurement rules.

How it works?

  • Stage 1:

    We will visit your home, complete a home assessment and provide a bespoke energy report. This report will outline the most economic and best quality solution to get to a B2 energy rating. This will include:
    o Energy measures required to meet B2 energy rating
    o Estimated Costs of proposed energy works
    o Estimated Grant of proposed energy works

  • Stage 2:

    South East Energy Agency will publish the BER report (a requirement for the grant application) while procuring through competent contractors. The contractor will finalise the retrofit costs and will provide a programme of works for the proposed home upgrade project. We will apply for the grant on your behalf.

  • Stage 3:

    The contractor will arrive on site to complete the agreed works. South East Energy Agency will manage the contracts, timelines, materials, and the contractors on site. South East Energy Agency will be providing any assistance necessary and we will be available to answer all questions that you may have throughout the project. South East Energy Agency will ensure the quality and standards meet SEAI and building regulations. The final BER certificate will then be published and provided to you after the completion of the project.

Once on the One Stop Shop Journey, South East Energy Agency will ensure you get a peace of mind and ultimately gain a comfortable and energy efficient home.

A combination of upgrades are necessary to meet the programme requirements.  The average total capital cost to upgrade a home from an average BER rating of F to an average A3 rating is approximately €59,000 and upgrading to an average B1 rating is approximately €30,000.

Please find key findings of SEAI’s Deep Retrofit programme below, with multiple home energy upgrades.

The Deep Retrofit key findings can be seen here. 

Project Costs

Costs can be difficult to determine accurately however we can provide estimates based on your house type. Please note that this grant programme is designed for multiple energy upgrades and will not be supporting individual energy upgrades.

Stage 1 –  Home energy assessment €695 (ExVAT)
Pre-works BER Cert – €350 (ExVAT)
Stage 2 – Procurement – €595 (ExVAT)
Stage 3 – Project Management Fees – Cost is dependent on house type (see table below)
Post-works BER Cert (required to receive grant) – €350 (ExVAT)

Stage 3 – Project Management Fees

House Type SEAI Grant Funding  SEEA Project Management  Fee (ExVat)  TOTAL
Apartment €800 €2,200 €3,000
Mid Terrace House €1,200 €2,600 €3,800
Semi Detached/
End of Terrace House
€1,600 €3,200 €4,800
Detached House €2,000 €3,000 €5,000

See full list of available SEAI One Stop Shop grant amounts for private homeowners here.

Homeowners can end the journey at any stage and will only be liable for fees for the stage they leave on.

Energy Credits
Energy Credits are available dependant on the house type.

House Type Energy Credit Bonus
Apartment €500
Mid Terrace House €1,000
Semi Detached/
End of Terrace House
Detached House €1,500

Example of Homeowner Costs on upgrades to 120sqm detached home

Example of Homeowner Costs for 120sqm detached home:

Cost of works Homeowner pays
Stage 1 Home energy report €695 €854.85 €695 €854.85
Pre-BER €350 €430.50 €350 €430.50
Stage 2 Procurement €595 €731.85 €595 €731.85
Stage 3 Works
(Grant covers on average €18k per home)
€75,000 €85,125 €57,000 €64,695
Project Management €5,000 €6,150 €3,000 €3,690
(Grant covers €350)
€350 €430.50
COSTS SUBTOTAL 81,990 93,723 61,640 70,402
Less Energy Credit Bonus Payment -€1,500

Get started on your Home Energy Upgrade

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Please complete the form below to help us understand what will be required for your home retrofit. A member of our team will then be in touch with you to explain our services available.

Please note that funding will be eligible to homes which demonstrate a complete house approach to energy upgrades to give you the best possible home retrofit. Homes must meet the minimum standard of a B2 BER after the completion of works or an improvement of at least 100 kWh/m²/yr.

Please be aware of the typical timeline of a whole house home upgrade as timelines will vary between locations.

Please note that we are not a SEAI registered One Stop Shop and grant funding is awarded post works through the SEAI Better Energy Communities scheme.

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