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Home Energy Upgrade

Sandy & Kevin’s Energy Upgrade Story

South East Energy Agency were always very helpful, and I felt that everyone was doing their best to help us get there – under quite difficult circumstances at times (Covid 19)

Sandy – Homeowner, Deep Retrofit 2019

Sandy & Kevin’s Home

Sandy and Kevin upgraded their home under the Deep Retrofit Pilot Scheme in 2019. Sandy tells us how they benefitted from a home energy upgrade project on their Waterford home.

A major motivation for Sandy and Kevin to go ahead with an energy upgrade project was to increase their home’s comfort levels, while having a positive impact on the environment. “We were keen to have a home that was warm and also environmentally friendly – as far as possible.”

Before setting out on the project, Sandy and Kevin were aware of the requirements under the Deep Retrofit programme and what that would mean for their home’s energy rating. “Because we were participating in the SEAI Deep Retrofit pilot study, we had to achieve an A3 or A2 energy rating.”

Sandy describes their home in Co. Waterford prior to the energy upgrade works. “The house was built in 1954. There was no central heating system and very little work had been done since the 1980s or so. The BER rating was G, and we were told that if there was a lower rating than that, it would not have achieved even a G rating.”

Home Energy Upgrade

With the targeted energy rating to such a high standard, many energy upgrade measures would be needed to successfully reach a BER of A3 or above. Sandy and Kevin decided on the installation of several energy upgrades, including “a central heating system with a heat pump and ventilation system, fitting of external insulation, and new windows and doors.” Sandy continues by highlighting the importance of financial support for such a project. “We opted against solar panels. If we had access to a bank loan, we would have gone for those as well.”

Following the implementation of the energy upgrades, Sandy welcomes the changes they have brought. “On the one hand it feels like a new house, it is cosy and there is always hot water, but it doesn’t really get stuffy either. On the other hand, it has retained the atmosphere from before. It was a much-loved family home for decades before the upgrade and that feeling has not been lost.”

Sandy and Kevin moved into the home following the completion of the energy upgrades and Sandy describes the reactions of their friends and family. “We moved in just a few days before the last lockdown, so we haven’t really had people round, but a few people who popped in for a quick nosey have made jokes about it being “too warm altogether”!”

Sandy and Kevin availed of our Home Energy Upgrade service in 2019 and the project continued into 2020, which brought the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. Sandy cheerily recalls working with us here at South East Energy Agency while undergoing the project. “South East Energy Agency were always very helpful, and I always felt that everyone was doing their best to help us get there – under quite difficult circumstances at times (Covid-19)!”

For homeowners considering a home energy upgrade project of their own, Sandy has these clear and concise words of encouragement – “do it!”.

Wall Insulation
Insulation Upgrade
Heat Pumps
Heat Pump
Ventilation System
New Window & Door
Windows & Doors replaced

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Before filling in the form, please follow this brief checklist:

  • Make sure your home is within our region or in nearby area
  • 3 or more energy upgrades are recommended
  • Stone walls and protected structures are unlikely to satisfy grant criteria
  • Read our 3 Stage delivery process and associated fees

How can South East Energy Agency help?

South East Energy Agency has 10 + years’ experience in coordinating energy retrofit projects for homeowners. That ensures a quality retrofit focus for clients. We have helped complete retrofits on more than 2,500 houses as well as 500 deep retrofits since 2012.

We will project manage the entire process for our clients – from building contractor, project management to grant application right through to completion and sign-off.

Visit our Home Energy Upgrade – One Stop Shop

Our One Stop Shop – 3 Stage Process is as follows:

Stage 1:

South East Energy Agency will visit your home, complete a home assessment and provide a bespoke energy report. This report will outline the most economic and best quality solution to get to a B2 rating. This will include:
o Measures required to meet B2 rating
o Estimated Costs of proposed measures
o Estimated Grant of proposed measures

Stage 2:

South East Energy Agency will publish the BER report (a requirement for the grant application) while procuring the best qualified contractor to price the works. The contractor will finalise the costs of each measure and will give us a programme for when the works can be completed. We will apply for the grant on your behalf as part of the National Home Retrofit Scheme. Final figures, including your grant, will be provided to help make your final decision to proceed.

Stage 3:

The contractor will arrive on site to complete the measures. We will manage the contracts, timelines, materials, health and safety documents, and the contractors on site. South East Energy Agency will be providing any assistance necessary and we will be available to answer all questions that you may have throughout the project. We will ensure the quality and standards meet SEAI and building regulations. The final BER report will then be published and provided to you after the completion of the project.

Once on the One Stop Shop Journey, South East Energy Agency will ensure you get peace of mind and ultimately gain a comfortable and energy efficient home.

There will be a fixed fee for Stage 1 & 2, while there will be a % fee for Stage 3.

Stage 1 – €595 (ExVAT)
Stage 2 – €1,400 (ExVAT)
Stage 3 – 7.5% of total cost of works (range €1,500 – €4,500 depending on costs of works)

Homeowners can end the journey at any stage and will only be liable for fees for the stage they leave on.

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