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What is Data4Action?

Data4Action is a co-funded Intelligent Energy Europe Funded project, which aims to foster collaboration models in energy data exchange between public authorities and energy data providers, which will in turn lead to sustainable energy planning at Regional and Local Levels. Data4Action aims to mobilize energy data providers and public authorities in eleven European countries to design and demonstrate strong outcome driven partnerships based on setting up win-win data  exchange collaboration models that support the successful implementation and monitoring of Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

Data4protection South East Energy Agency Project

What are the objectives?

  • Explore ways to improve public authorities access to energy data for better implementation and   monitoring of SEAPs,
  •  Mobilize public  authorities and energy data providers  and facilitate their cooperation in establishing or developing regional energy observatories,
  •  Foster collaboration models in energy data exchange between public authorities and energy data providers for sustainable energy planning at regional and local levels,
  • Demonstrate data exchange collaboration  models ‘in action’ in the partner regions.

Win-Win Collaboration

What is an Observatory?

The regional energy and GHG observatories are powerful tools for implementing efficient strategies at the local level. These regional energy and GHG observatories will foster the exchange of community data at a regional and local levels, provide technical assistance to public authorities in data collection, processing and quality assessment, provide a unique point of entry to data providers and thus optimize their efforts in data gathering and processing for Sustainable Energy Action Plans .

Most of the structures are governed by a local consortium gathering at least several public authorities and energy data suppliers. They are very often supported by public authorities and integrated within existing regional organizations such as energy agencies or public department. The added value of this kind of structure is its high level of technical skills in partnership management, data gathering and analysis, and in energy planning.

13 Partners in 12EU Regions

If you are an Energy data provider, a public authority  or a regional energy planning facilitator, visit the website and see how you can contribute to this exciting project:

 For  an introductory video please see Data4Action Overview

Data4Action Library