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Job Opportunities in the South East of Ireland


Kilkenny and Waterford Cities are the home of culture, innovation and heritage, it’s a charming place to work that attracts top talent and offers high quality of life. South East Energy Agency is committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions for everyone in the region. Join our vibrant team and help promote behaviour change to accelerate ‘energy transition’ for the South East by bringing your unique energy to the team.

Why work with us?

Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer (002)

South East Energy Agency has been awarded the much sought after Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer Status in recognition of continuous professional development (CPD). South East Energy Agency has a strong policy that supports employees who want to extend their knowledge and join professional organisations. Such an ethos drives continuous professional development and augurs well for the future of the organisation and the energy transition across the South East region into the future.

The Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer standard, which has been adopted by over 128 organisations to date, improves the competence levels of engineers and delivers tangible benefits to organisations and its stakeholders.

Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer (007)

South East Energy Agency’s 2020 to 2030 Strategy shows the massive task of upscaling delivery of works across public, private, domestic & community sectors across the South East Region. Our strategy sets out the goal of making the South East region a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy, a change that is and will be driven by accelerating energy transition. The South East Energy Agency team work on a wide range of projects, providing a range of energy services to its clients including sustainable energy management, decarbonisation, energy auditing, energy efficiency & renewable energy development and others.

Why work in the South East of Ireland?

*Video Source: The Ireland South-East Development Office (ISEDO) is a bottom-up, local authority initiative which works with leaders of the major regional industries as well as the Chief Executives of the councils of the 5 counties in the South East (Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford and Wexford) and other public and private stakeholders. Its priority is to make the South-East the 1st choice for business, careers, inward investment and tourists.

*Video Source: Kilkenny County Council. A short video by Invest Kilkenny highlighting five reasons why companies should invest and do business in Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is the fourth largest cities in the region and a charming place to work that attracts top talent and offers high quality of life. Recent developments in Kilkenny have attracted further investment from local businesses as well as attracting new industry.

*Link Source:  The Irish Times – The Best Place to Live in Ireland 2021 is revealed  The winner of the Irish Times Best Place to Live in Ireland contest 2021 is Waterford city.

*Video Source: IDA Ireland. South East of Ireland – A Hub for Tech Companies