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DeCarb Pro

Decarbonise public procurement in North-West Europe

Project Summary

DeCarb-Pro aims at reducing Carbon emissions from procurement by local authorities (LAs). Public procurement has a key impact on Carbon emissions in NWE, 15% or 230 million tons of CO₂eq (2020) are emitted mostly in the responsibility of LAs. Without decarbonising procurement, NWE-wide LAs are likely to miss the EU reduction goals 2030 and their needed contribution to the ambitions of the EU Green Deal. The most decisive reductions can be realised with procurement related to infrastructure, construction and energy.

DeCarb Pro Challenges

Without decarbonising procurement the EU reduction goals would not be achieved. Public procurement is dominated by prices.

  • Lacking know-how: LAs lack viable instruments to quantify and verify the Carbon price level and the resulting impact
  • Lacking training and limited resources at designing and procuring departments, especially in small Local Authorities
  • Missing policy support: local decision-makers focus on lowest prices in the short term within restraint local budgets, excluding long-term costs.

Especially small LAs lacking own personal resources

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The DeCarb Pro Project Objectives Are To:

  • Reduce Carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in authorities’ procurement processes
  • Active involvement of 85+ authorities in the DeCarb-Pro project
  • Train local authorities in applying Carbon pricing
  • Pilots with local authorities to achieve Carbon reduction in procurement processes

DeCarb-Pro aims at reducing Carbon emissions from procurement by local authorities (LAs), by analysing the current situation and existing practice in participating countries, using existing tools, adapt them to small, middle and large scale LAs, test the adapted tools on pilot projects, give support in creating training, implement and monitor (long term) this tools into the public procurement within NWE.

De Carb Pro Partners

The Dutch and French partners already have valuable experience and knowledge in the field of Carbon pricing. They are using this expertise for the project to develop a strategy, together with all DeCarb-Pro partners, to make Carbon pricing part of local governments’ procurement policies. Pilots are being launched for practical implementation. With training courses, the partners will transfer the knowledge gained to other interested parties.

Nwe Area Map
Dutch Partners: Arnhem-Nijmegen Green Metropolitan Region / Climate Alliance Netherlands / Foundation HIER Klimaatbureau / Municipality of Amsterdam
German Partners: City of Essen / Climate Agency Wiesbaden / Climate Alliance
French Partners: City of Paris / Climate Agency Strasbourg / Strasbourg Eurometropolis
Belgium Partner: Flux50
Irish Partner: South East Energy Agency
DeCarb Pro Partner Logos

Want to Learn More About DeCarb Pro?

See the Interreg NWE Site and Read Recent Press Releases Below…

DeCarb Pro is Possible Through Funding from the ERDF


Total Project Budget: € 5,836,418.71

ERDF Funding: €3,501,851.18

Project Length: 2023 – 2027

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DeCarb Pro In Southeast Ireland

South East Energy Agency will deliver the DeCarb Pro project to the Southeast region of Ireland.

SEEA assess the situation relating to carbon pricing activities in Ireland and analyse the transfer potential of existing tools used by project partners in the Netherlands and France to Irish needs. The agency will transfer learnings from more sophisticated and advanced carbon pricing systems used in other partner regions to Ireland. SEEA will also help to develop a carbon pricing strategy and action plan appropriate to the circumstances of the Southeast Local Authorities (Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford, Waterford).

Within the project, South East Energy Agency will take a leadership role in:

  • Developing the details for the pilot actions.
  • Testing of methods for selected elements at partner regions.
  • Developing and using criteria for monitoring & evaluation of pilot actions.
  • Developing and implementing the communication tools and processes.

Finally, SEEA will provide training on carbon pricing which will describe the application of Carbon Pricing and Procurement including the experiences from the NWE partnership on Carbon Pricing.

Beyond the project lifetime, South East Energy Agency will support long-term activities such as embedding Carbon Pricing, and circularity within the Regions Planning Goals.

If you are outside these Local Authorities but would still like to learn from DeCarb Pro you can attend our events and keep and eye out for publications. The first of these events was hosted recently through the EPA-funded GAPS project and featured an introduction to DeCarb Pro by Ralf Kampe (Project Officer for the project in SEEA). You can watch the recording of this webinar across.