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Public Sector Case Study

Assembly Rooms – PV Panel Installation & Lighting Upgrade

Project Overview

Company name:

Carlow County Council

Project actions:

Upgrade of lighting system by replacing the existing quad by LED fitting and by the installation of occupancy sensor.
Installation of PV Panels, with a capacity of 5kWp.

Finance source:


Additional funding:

SEAI BEC 2017 programme



Grant amount:

€ 7,552

Total project cost:


25-year savings:


Simple payback time:

11.5 years

Carlow Assembly Rooms facilitates the offices of the Environmental and Water Services section of Carlow County Council. The lighting of the building is a source of a large electricity demand. After successfully upgrading their lighting and installing PV panels, the benefits and cost savings were clear. The 3 Counties Energy Agency (3CEA) through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Better Energy Communities programme is helping by administering state-wide funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


  • Thanks to the lighting upgrade and the installation of PV panels, Carlow County Council saved money and reduced its carbon footprint through the BEC 2017 Programme.
  • The lighting upgrade has resulted in a much better quality of light by using the newest technology LED lamps. The decrease in wattage has led to much lower electricity bills.
  • The installation of PV panels on the roof of the building has led to a reduction in grid imported electricity on the site.
Low Energy Lighting
Annual Energy Savings

9,763.07 kWh

Hgv Fuel Effeciency Funding South East Energy Agency Ireland
Annual Savings

€1 532.80

Reduced Carbon Emissions South East Energy Agency
Annual C02 Savings

4.6 tonnes

IMPORTS BEFORE PROJECT 31,621 kWh €4,964.50 14.8 tonnes
IMPORTS AFTER PROJECT 21,857.93 kWh €3,431.70 10.2 tonnes
SAVINGS 9,763.07 kWh €1,532.80 4.6 tonnes