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iRoUTE – integrated and sustainable transport

By May 14, 2017No Comments

iRoUTE – A Transport Conference Scheduled for Kilkenny June 27-28 will focus on modelling an integrated and sustainable transport solution for Irish regions.iRoUTE conference


Conference partners Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, Kilkenny County Council, Ring a Link and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency have invited plenary speakers and  workshop facilitators who will both inspire and challenge delegates. The conference which takes place in the Parade Tower, Kilkenny Castle aims to promote and achieve a sustainable and ‘best in class’ transport system for the entire Kilkenny region which can be replicated nationwide.

The two-day event will be attended by transport providers, regulators, international experts, practitioners, academics, and community interest groups, all of whom will collaborate and join the conversation to explore better transport options to service the needs of residents of Kilkenny and other counties.

The iRoUTE conference kick-starts a campaign to find the resources needed to initiate a pilot service for County Kilkenny that can be rolled out nationally.

Tickets and speaker details for the two-day conference are available on and cost from €25 – €200. It is expected that demand will be high and therefore early purchase of tickets is strongly recommended. For further information on iRoUTE please contact Fergus Horgan, KLP / 056 775211. For information on tickets and Eventbrite please contact Grace Hamilton, CKEA / 056 7790 856 or by emailing .

The idea for iRoUTE was developed by the Kilkenny Transport Working Group, which is made up of several interested parties, including Kilkenny County Council, Ring a Link community transport company, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) and the Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency (CKEA). The group was formed to consider the immediate and long-term issues affecting public transport in Kilkenny, and it was agreed that a conference (iRoUTE) would be hosted to focus on the integration of transport provision for the City and County, and from this an integrated transport initiative would then be launched.