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Transport Case Study

Transport Telematics & Driver Training Pilot

In 2016 3CEA managed a pilot transport project, supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Irelands Better Energy Communities grant programme.

Project Overview

There were 12 fleet companies involved in this project, which included the installation of telematics on 326 vehicles across all fleets, and delivery of eco-driving training for the fleet drivers, 371 drivers in total. The baseline energy consumption of the combined fleet was 96,196,594 kWh along with 28,667,043 km of distance travelled. Measurement and verification of the fleet is completed every 6-months since completion in November 2016 and is completed to IVMVP standards. A detailed analysis of the results to date (June 2018) shows a 11% savings of energy consumption based on an adjusted baseline fuel consumption of 36,185,583 litres of diesel, equivalent to 1,337,339 litres of avoided fuel usage, 13,599,400 kWh of energy savings and 3,590 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction. Tis is greatly surpassing the expected energy savings of 5,717,416 kWh.

The increase in fuel efficiency arises from the reduction in over-revving, harsh braking and engine idling time by the drivers, leading to a reduced energy consumption by the fleets.