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Community Case Study

Monageer Parish Hall – Insulation and Lighting Upgrade

Project Overview

Company name:

Monageer Parish

Project actions:

Insulate roof space. Fill cavity wall building with eco-bead insulation. Replace single glazed windows with double glazed. Replace external doors with a new one. Replace existing lighting quad with LED equivalent lightings.

Finance source:


Additional funding:

SEAI BEC 2018 programme

% funding:


Grant amount:


Total project cost:


25-year savings:


Simple payback time:

13.3 years

Monageer Community Hall was built in 1949 and was poorly insulated. The building had a large electricity and gas usage for heating and lighting. However, after successfully increasing their roof and wall insulation, replacing their windows and door and upgrading their lights, the benefits and cost savings were clear. The 3 Counties Energy Agency (3CEA) through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Better Energy Communities programme is helping by administering state-wide funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


  • Thanks to the lighting and insulation upgrades, Monageer Parish saved money and reduced its carbon footprint through the BEC 2018 Programme.
  • The insulation upgrades have helped increase the thermal comfort of the building for its users and reduced the number of hours the heating is required.
  • The lighting upgrade has resulted in a much better quality of light by using the newest technology LED lamps. The decrease in wattage has led to much lower electricity bills.
Low Energy Lighting
Annual Energy Savings


Hgv Fuel Effeciency Funding South East Energy Agency Ireland
Annual Savings


Reduced Carbon Emissions South East Energy Agency
Annual C02 Savings

1.3 tonnes

IMPORTS BEFORE PROJECT 9,197 kWh €2,049.64 2.2 tonnes
IMPORTS AFTER PROJECT 3,107 kWh €911.09 0.9 tonnes
SAVINGS 6,090 kWh €1,138.55 1.3 tonnes