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Commercial Case Study

Heating and Process Design Upgrade – O’Brien Cement

Project Overview

Company name:

O’Brien Cement

Project actions:

Installation of a 4 MW burner with future capacity. Raw materials process optimization by redesigning its 3 stages into one single process.

Finance source:


Additional funding:

SEAI BEC 2016 programme

Grant amount:


% Funding:


Total project cost:


25-year savings:


Simple payback time:

3.16 years

With a large oil and fleet demand for manufacturing bulk GGBS (cement) at their plant in Kilkenny, O’Brien Cement management is concerned about promoting a sustainable energy practice while meeting its daily business objectives. However, after successfully installing their new burner and optimizing their manufacturing process the benefits and cost savings were clear.

The South East Energy Agency, through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Better Energy Communities programme, is helping by administering state-wide funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


  • Thanks to the heating and process design upgrade completed through the BEC 2016 programme, O’Brien Cement has saved money and reduced their carbon footprint.
  • The raw material treatment process has been redesigned. Previously a three stage raw material treatment process, the redesign has converted this to a single stage process, lowering energy demand as the process has decreased energy losses.
  • O’Brien Cement has been upgraded to a high efficiency, 4 MW burner with future capacity. This device guarantees a more efficient fuel consumption when generating the required heating load for their cement process.
Low Energy Lighting
Annual Energy Savings

2,195,954 kWh

Hgv Fuel Effeciency Funding South East Energy Agency Ireland
Annual Savings


Reduced Carbon Emissions South East Energy Agency
Annual C02 Savings

566 tonnes

IMPORTS BEFORE PROJECT 4,777,992 kWh €256,325.20 1,230 tonnes
IMPORTS AFTER PROJECT 2,582,038 kWh €134,547.40 664 tonnes
SAVINGS 2,195,954 kWh €121,777.80 566 tonnes