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Residential Case Study

College View Wexford – Deep Retrofit

12 houses in Wexford town are first to benefit from the ‘Deep Retrofit’ grant programme.

Project Overview

Project owner:

Wexford County Council

Support and project management:

3 Counties Energy Agency

Project overview:

12 homes (3 x 4 unit terraces)

BER rating before:

F/G BER ratings

Energy Value:

595 / 753 (end-of-terrace) kwh/m2/yr

Year of Construction:



Cavity wall

Main heating system:

Oil boilers

Wexford County Council, with project management assistance from 3cea retrofitted 12 x 1-bedroom bungalows, consisting social housing tenants on College View, Wexford town. These 12 Properties were first to benefit from the 50% grant aid through the SEAI’s Deep Retrofit Pilot scheme. All homes were constructed in the early 70’s and had a pre-building BER ratings of F’s or G’s. All homes also had issues with inadequate ventilation and thermal bridging, resulting in mould growth on damp stains on the ceiling and internal wall surfaces. Following the renovations, all homes were retrofitted to A1, A2 and A3 BER rating. Apart from the energy savings, Deep Retrofit is also expected to have significant health benefits to homeowners as they will enjoy thermal comfort, cleaner, better circulated air and improved living conditions.

Retro Fit Wexford Residential Energy Project

Measures included

  • External Insulation –

    Improving U-Value from 1.8 W/m2K to 0.20 W/m2K

  • Attic Insulation –

    Improving U-Value from 0.16 W/m2K to 0.12 W/m2K

  • Heat Pump –

    Daikin 4kW Air to Water Heat Pump – Space Heat Efficiency uplift by 530%

  • Water Heat Efficiency –

    uplift by 213%

  • PV Solar System –

    6 No. 285 West facing Panels

  • Demand Controlled Ventilation –

    Humidity & Standard controls

  • Window & Door Upgrade –

    Improving U-Value from 3.1 W/m2K to 0.85 W/m2K


Deep Energy Retro Fit With South East Energy Agency Ireland
Increased BER

Increased BER rating on 10 Properties to A2 Rating – on 1 Property to A3 Rating – 1 Property to A1 Rating

Cost Per Unit – €25,000.00 – Cost Per Unit After Grant – €12,500.00

Energy Saving With South East Energy Agency Ireland
50% Funding

50% Grant Funding Through SEAI Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme.

Project Costs – Overall costs – €300,000.00 – SEAI Grant Funding at 50% – €150,000.00

Capital Investment Spend With South East Energy Agency Ireland
Increased comfort

Reduced Costs
Reduced Maintenance costs
Better Air Quality and health benefits
Increased comfort
Increased value