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Commercial Case Study

Virginia Transport Ltd

Family Owned transport company.

Project Overview

Company name:

Virginia Transport Ltd.

Project actions:

Installation of 100 kW solar PV system and 22kW EV Charger

Finance source:


Additional funding:

SEAI CEG 2021 programme

% funding:


Grant amount:


Total project cost:


25-year savings:


Simple payback time:

7.18 years

Virginia International is a family owned Irish Transport and Logistics Company who specialize in Transport and Logistics services between Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe, also containerized goods worldwide.

Virginia currently have 8 CNG vehicles with a further 15 on order. A new refuelling station with two compressors was installed in the Virginia Depot in 2020 and this increased the electrical load. Therefore, a Solar PV system would mitigate against the increase in electrical consumption and the inclusion of an EV charger would assist in the transition to Electric vehicle use for the staff.

The South East Energy Agency team had a look at the electricity consumption and current connection through an energy audit. As part of the project, our team of experts project managed the installation of a 100 kW solar PV system and 22kW EV Charger.


Thanks to the installation of PV panels and EV charging system, Virginia Transport Ltd. saved money and reduced its carbon footprint through the Community Energy Grant 2021 Programme.

Low Energy Lighting
Annual Energy Savings

101,338 kWh

Hgv Fuel Effeciency Funding South East Energy Agency Ireland
Annual Savings


Reduced Carbon Emissions South East Energy Agency
Annual C02 Savings

29.41 tonnes